Presentation Proposal

  • Device Provided - Fifty minute session where attendees can get hands-on experience with technology.  Devices and projectors will be provided.
  • Presentation Session - Fifty minute presentation with a presenter (and possibly co-presenter), a computer, and a projector.  Attendees do not get hands-on experience.
  • BYOD Session - Fifty minute Bring-Your-Own-Device sessions.  Presenter will be provided a projector.  Attendees get hands-on experience with technology they bring themselves.
  • Mini Sessions - Twenty minute casual sessions.  Mini sessions will probably not go in-depth into a tool(s) or resource(s). 
To volunteer to present, please fill out the form by clicking here.

Equipment Provided: Presenter Computer, Projector, 24 Attendee Devices (Device-Provided Workshops Only).  Other equipment can be requested but is not guaranteed.